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Managing Software Projects Tasks Today

Software project management is critical for a project’s success. Managing tasks efficiently, tracking status and reporting progress affects both the developers and eventually the users. When software is developed to a customer’s specification, usually a business organization, a project’s development and end results also affect the business. This makes simple, flexible and easy to deploy project management platform a crucial factor in software development. The need has attracted many suppliers with different solutions. Some are pure stand alone platforms, some connect with development code or even specification systems.

Another factor in project and task management is today’s communication ecosystem. Mobile connectivity and cloud computing are changing how enterprises works and manages projects. Cloud computing is the standard enterprise platform today. Cloud applications and platforms bring a host of new technologies and features already built-in. One critical feature, a game changer in project and task management, is portability. Linnovate’s Root is a completely portable platform. Any cloud platform (i.e. Azure, AWS, Google) self hosted or public hosted is supported. Mobile connectivity is also an important standard capability in the enterprise today. Root brings interfaces to mobile ecosystem not found in older applications. Finally Root is an open-source platform which enables any developer to customize features and operation. Unfortunately older project and task management platforms fall short in these three factors. When looking at a task management platform going forward, Root is one of today’s best choice.

Communication, Security and Scale

Project management platforms promise to help in planning (maybe partially estimate), keep track, inform stakeholders and report progress effectively. These all sound simple until your start using different features and running projects and real-time operations. Task management systems try to balance usability complexity with operational complexity. Too much flexibility brings both configuration (setup) and operational (user) complexity. Too many predefined formats and templates limit the effectiveness of staff and management. Root offers a platform with real operational experience licensed as an open-source fully customizeable application. Enterprise and large organization with forward looking cloud-native platform needs can deploy the system today. With future needs the system will continue to grow and adapt. Strategic top level categories include:


Root is designed to support standard and custom communication formats (and protocols). One factor in efficient communication is integration with messaging (email, mobile apps, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram), notification and infrastructure security policies. Root as an open source cloud-native platform which makes messaging integration standard and simple. Another element in communication is integration with version control, code repository, bug tracking, requirements specifications and status reporting systems.


In addition to standard cloud platform Linnovate’s custom projects also bring higher security features. Working with organizations which demand for absolute security, Linnovate brings security solutions in security, health, corporate (packaged goods) and government sectors.

Scale and performance:

Root’s data and task data size is virtually unlimited. Performance is limited only by hardware (processing, storage and networking) and cloud system capability (speed of OS, communication). With deployments in large enterprises Root is amazing task managers with it’s fast response and immediate communication. Root as a cloud-native platform

Features and Usability:
  • Flexible interfacing and extensibility: open source platform built for customization.
  • Elastic flexibility using cloud native architecture: scalable computing, storage and networking.
  • Adaptable to any on-premises or public cloud platform: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Built on open source platforms: leverage reliable and extendable technologies for specific business need.

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