Root in Mission Critical Task Management Application

Open Source & Cloud Native Project Management

Managing Mission Critical Tasks in Real-Time

An enterprise organization with hundreds of employees and multiple mission-critical facilities needed to manage project tasks in real-time. This included multiple permission levels, task-level visibility and absolute security based on their own networks and hardware policies. Linnovate started with Root and added customized features, environment configuration (high availability and security), training and ongoing maintenance.

The system was designed to interface with communication applications and multiple levels of reporting and control features. Thousands of database access requests per minute are supported with off-the-shelf hardware and software (on premises cloud). Linnovate Root was customized for an enterprise’s  tactical task management operation. Hundreds of  employees and shared tasks across multiple concurrent ongoing projects – a typical management situation in any organization which manages individual daily tasks.

Effective Agile Task Management

Starting from organizational IT planning (creating a detailed task list) to the “direct manager” view (providing department managers with real-time progress updates). Effective real-time mission critical management changes how teams are managed and how people interact. Project status is visible to everyone involved. There is no need to coordinate and meet to explain progress and issues. This equips everyone responsible with updates on everyone’s work and progress. Real-time task updates also helps individuals focus more effectively by adjusting priorities on an ongoing basis. The promise of effective creative project management down to the task level is finally here.

Linnovate Root’s mission critical enterprise features also enable:
  • Flexible interfacing and extensibility: open source platform built for customization.
  • Elastic flexibility using cloud native architecture: scalable computing, storage and networking.
  • Adaptable to any on-premises or public cloud platform: Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud.
  • Built on open source platforms: leverage reliable and extendable technologies for specific business need.

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