Cloud native Project
and Task Management

Collaborate – Accelerate – Manage with Precision

Ready-to-Use Task Management and Collaboration

Quick and simple to implement big project and task management. Gives you configurable task by category and specific resource parameters with sub-task resolution. Manage enterprise tasks, notifications and approvals in operational workflows. Design forms, workflows and custom apps with low code.

  • Quick custom configuration
  • Simple task, project and user setup
  • Create and manage processes and workflows
  • Collaborate and secure on sub-task level, manage resources

Manage Projects Quickly and Simply

Quickly define, assign and track tasks to build projects with rich configuration options. Root is built with task management as it’s core user feature set. Robust security and integration capability.

  • Enterprise level task management
  • Workflow management and customization
  • Team resource management for executives and contributors
  • Flexible task level reporting and management with low level granularity

Cloud-Native Open Source Platform

Internal project and task management platform completely integrates into your organization’s structure, security policies and operational availability. A completely customized solution for your workflow and organizational requirements.

  • Open source platform and interfaces for easy deployment
  • Mission critical ready: proven in large enterprise installations
  • Open source, cloud-native product gives low code development and operation
  • Linnovate configuration and packaging with years of development and customization experience

Wide Industry Application (Use Cases)


task planning

Simple & flexible task creation and configuration. Useful  in: construction,  IT/software 


team collaboration

Boost productivity and enhance collaboration among teams & executive management.


agile management

Resource, time, cost and reporting agility with granular security & visibility features.

Case Studies

Root is in a new cloud native product category class. Essentially bringing the single project and small team task management to today’s cloud enabled, mobile connected, mission critical era. Cloud-native platforms are changing everything in the way we deliver task management workflow and team tracking efficiently.

Root in Mission Critical Task Management

An enterprise organization with multiple mission-critical project's tasks management.

Root in Software Task Management

Root offers a platform with real operational experience. Open-source fully customizeable.

Pricing & Plans

Cloud & on-premises benefits, start quickly, no servers, no maintenance, secure on premises, absolute access control, grow to any size, deploy anywhere, target any location.


Open Source
$ 0
/ Free and Open
  • Github dev community
  • MIT licensed
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • Linnovate sponsored dev & support


root as a service
$ 79
/ Month
  • Quick setup and hosting
  • No servers , No headaches
  • Fast and Stable reIndex hosting
  • No credit cards,  No commitment

Self Hosted

managed services
$ 199
/ Month
  • Managed cloud services
  • Tailored for organizations
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • SAML 2.0, ADFS support

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