ReIndex: Search Platform
for Israel's AI Startups

Enterprise Search Platform for Startup and Investment Mapping

Understanding a new technology: tapping into data

When an innovative technology transitions from the frontiers to mainstream, investors anticipating the success of adoption, along with risk-taking entrepreneurs need to understand the trends before they take effect. With the proper data source, both investors and entrepreneurs can make critical decisions effectively. This case study shows how Daniel Singer’s used Linnovate’s reIndex search platform to showcase and enable the startup and investor ecosystems to tap into premier data. The open source enterprise index and search platform is designed to give domain experts and enterprise publishers a method to provide users easy access to massive datasets.

in his own words: Daniel Singer’s description of the project is an interesting read, see it here and on his site

Background: how investors analyze the potential of a new technology

Technologists innovate when they spot market inefficiencies. But understanding the market landscape, above all, is the first step before committing any efforts to innovation. Conversely, investors may have exclusive insights on the future direction of a technology but must be aware of the existing market competition before betting millions. All stakeholders want to know which sectors are showing the most promise. These types of insights can be drawn out of data, like the data provided on

Starting small, getting big quickly

“The process of constructing the database started with an old-fashioned excel spreadsheet. But showcasing the data to offer its value to the startup and investor ecosystem proved to be a challenging task. WordPress with it’s myriad plugins weren’t up to par. Finally, reIndex presented itself as the perfect fit, solving all the limitations of the market’s existing solutions.”

reIndex for one thousand AI startups

With over one thousand companies tracked today, containing almost sixty-five thousand data points, the database holds high value for the ecosystem. By transferring the database with ease onto the reIndex platform, the process of finding companies by keywords such as “analytics” or “edge computing” is simplified with the reIndex technology. Moreover, with thousands of data points to sift through, the incredibly fast search speed of the reIndex platform reduces the time needed to identify and retrieve data, unlike the lengthy processing time inherent to spreadsheet technology.

Israeli AI Startups

Daniel, with the help of Linnovate created the site with data gathered since 2017. The reIndex platfrom provided customized search functions, displays for search results and company profiles, and geographic location searches. The reIndex platform can be used as a SaaS solution (hosted by Linnovate or a public cloud provider) or as a self-hosted (in-house) private cloud platform. Linnovate provides search and result customization services. Since the platform is open-source, anyone can customize and configure the product as well.

Linnovate’s reIndex in enterprise applications

Daniel’s case study example is a simple demonstration of the transformation and utilization of massive datasets in one domain area. Linnovate’s reIndex can be used with documents, presentations, email messages and any other structured database information sources (financial, HR, operation, maintenance/support). Linnovate created an indexing solution for enterprise-level data, ready to use in today’s cloud infrastructure IT world. With the explosion of reliance on data and analytics, and the need to provide fast access to every employee in the organization, text indexing and search capability is a natural solution.


Large scale innovation has a requisite: understanding of the market landscape and awareness of the existing market competition. All stakeholders need to know the underlying data trends and analytics to know with certainty into which sectors and technologies are worthwhile investing time and money. These types of insights can be drawn out of data, like the data provided on

Together with Linnovate’s reIndex platform, is a live, open information source of the Israeli AI startup ecosystem. For any domain expert seeking to showcase a company database in a directory layout with an effective, wicked-fast search function, easy-to-use filter features,  data security and portability from standard cloud computing architecture, reIndex is the best solution available. The project is now a source of information on this sector and is establishing itself as the authority of all-things Israeli AI.