Daniel Singer on Israel’s AI Startups and reIndex

How to transform an excel database into a searchable website directory

Problem: trial and error in publishing large spreadsheet

In his own words: Daniel Singer’s quick realization index and search is the right solution. See: startuphub.ai

After months of trial and error, the recurring suspects include: WordPress with various themes and plugins from Elementor or Google Sheets HTML plugin onto Wix – all of which are riddled with limitations. With the pain points of manual data upload, limited design customization, and expensive subscription plans for advanced relational database features, all the solutions promoted and offered for non-coders weren’t up to par.


Finally, the solution presented itself; an open source software indexing platform designed exactly for converting an excel database into an online directory website. Not only is Reindex free, designed for non-coders, but the performance of data upload speed and result loading times are wicked fast, trumping the competition. Regarding upload and loading times, it has clocked in under 800 milliseconds for over 1 million data points – by far the fastest software on the market.

Unlimited filtering, design customization, geo-indexing, location-based awareness and NoSQL database features are all included in the Reindex platform. To top it off, the makers are real, genuine people, responsive and with attention to detail as their top priority, which made this website’s creation a breeze, stress-free and built on zero standardization BS.

Thank you Reindex; categorically the best software available to convert excel databases into online directories, and best of all, it’s open sourced – free. The perfect fit.