The Cloud native
search platform

Sub-second, open source Indexing & Organization

Ready-to-Use Search & Index Solution

Quick and simple to implement big-data indexing. Gives you configurable search with category and geographic location parameters within milliseconds. Simple to build search application solutions. Ready to use out-of-the-box. Built-in powerful search algorithms provide speed, no matter what data size. Building simple data search solutions is now a reality.

  • Custom locations and categories
  • Index documents, presentation or messages
  • Preset tags, keywords and category searches
  • Output formatting and graphics capability (design, maps, locations)

Secure, Private & Cloud-Native

Completely secure application powered by cloud-native architecture. Benefit from the speed, scalability, and reliability of our leading-edge technology. Open source platform enables simple customization and active community of developers (GitHub).

  • Open source algorithms and interfaces for easy deployment
  • Mission critical ready: proven in large enterprise installations
  • Open source, cloud-native product, gives low code development and operation
  • Linnovate configuration and packaging with years of development and customization experience

Easily Customized Search Portals

Internal search platform completely integrates into your document’s structure, security policies, and operational availability. A completely customized solution for your workflow and organizational requirements.

  • Enterprise application integration
  • Open source API & UI/UX for customization
  • Tailor features continuously and use advanced AI capability
  • Extend your enterprise needs with Linnovate's developers & 24/7 support

Speed & Satisfaction

Wide Industry Application (Use Cases)



Keywords & category customization, useful in market sector info: health, finance, IT/software 



Geographic sector index for shopping, services, government and people (example:



Comprehensive search features for documents, presentations & email in organizations & departments

Case Studies

ReIndex is in a new cloud native product class category. Essentially bringing the ease and speed of internet search to the corporate user.  As a new open source and cloud native platform, ReIndex is just starting to play a strategic role in IT migration to cloud computing. Our experience covers both internal private applications as well as public open ones.


Geographical Listing Site

A million records, self-managed listings, search by any term, location or name. A community site without coding.

Pricing & Plans

Cloud & on-premises benefits, start quickly, no servers, no maintenance, secure on premises, absolute access control, grow to any size, deploy anywhere, target any location.


Open Source
$ 0
/ Free and Open
  • Github dev community
  • MIT licensed
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • Linnovate sponsored dev & support


reindex as a service
$ 79
/ Month
  • 100K records, 100K Indexing ops
  • No servers , No headaches
  • Fast and Stable reIndex hosting
  • No credit cards,  No commitment

Self Hosted

managed services
$ 399
/ Month
  • Managed cloud services
  • Tailored for organizations
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • SAML 2.0, ADFS support

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