The Cloud native
search platform

Sub-second, open source Indexing & Organization

Ready-to-Use Search & Index Solution

Quick and simple to implement big-data indexing. Gives you configurable search with category and geographic location parameters within milliseconds. Simple to build search application solutions. Ready to use out-of-the-box. Built-in powerful search algorithms provide speed, no matter what data size. Building simple data search solutions is now a reality.

  • Custom locations and categories
  • Index documents, presentation or messages
  • Preset tags, keywords and category searches
  • Output formatting and graphics capability (design, maps, locations)

Secure, Private & Cloud-Native

Completely secure application powered by cloud-native architecture. Benefit from the speed, scalability, and reliability of our leading-edge technology. Open source platform enables simple customization and active community of developers (GitHub).

  • Open source algorithms and interfaces for easy deployment
  • Mission critical ready: proven in large enterprise installations
  • Open source, cloud-native product, gives low code development and operation
  • Linnovate configuration and packaging with years of development and customization experience

Easily Customized Search Portals

Internal search platform completely integrates into your document’s structure, security policies, and operational availability. A completely customized solution for your workflow and organizational requirements.

  • Enterprise application integration
  • Open source API & UI/UX for customization
  • Tailor features continuously and use advanced AI capability
  • Extend your enterprise needs with Linnovate's developers & 24/7 support

Speed & Satisfaction

Wide Industry Application (Use Cases)



Keywords & category customization, useful in market sector info: health, finance, IT/software 



Geographic sector index for shopping, services, government and people (example:



Comprehensive search features for documents, presentations & email in organizations & departments

Case Studies

ReIndex is in a new cloud native product class category. Essentially bringing the ease and speed of internet search to the corporate user.  As a new open source and cloud native platform, ReIndex is just starting to play a strategic role in IT migration to cloud computing. Our experience covers both internal private applications as well as public open ones.

דף תוצאות רשימה 03

Social Services Information System

Part of a strategic plan for accessibility and utilization of community functioning and rehabilitation services.


Geographical Listing Site

A million records, self-managed listings, search by any term, location or name. A community site without coding.

Pricing & Plans

Cloud & on-premises benefits, start quickly, no servers, no maintenance, secure on premises, absolute access control, grow to any size, deploy anywhere, target any location.


Open Source
$ 0
/ Free and Open
  • Github dev community
  • MIT licensed
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • Linnovate sponsored dev & support


reindex as a service
$ 79
/ Month
  • 100K records, 100K Indexing ops
  • No servers , No headaches
  • Fast and Stable reIndex hosting
  • No credit cards,  No commitment

Self Hosted

managed services
$ 399
/ Month
  • Managed cloud services
  • Tailored for organizations
  • Cloud native (k8s ready)
  • SAML 2.0, ADFS support

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